Policies of Conservation
To be aware of the importance of natural resources within the tourism industry. The administration team intends to be leaders in their efforts in the conservation of natural eco-systems. Over 60% is in strict protection by means of an ecological succession system.

The wood used for the infrastructure: Bridges, platforms, rails, ranches, reception, restaurant, sanitary services, first aid areas etc. is wood certified for plantation. With the natural grounds we were able to take advantage of the open spaces to construct the new edifices, allowing the preservation of the various species of trees and other natural life.

The planning and construction in its entirety has been under the supervision and control of professionals to ensure minimal impact on the development of the natural eco-systems. We have fulfilled and exceeded the requirements imposed by the ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNICAL SECRETARY (SETENA), who make inspections periodically, to determine whether any harmful effects are being caused to the environment.

Brisas de la Jungla has become a member of the NACIONAL CHAMBER OF ECOTOURISM (CANAECO), in uniting the efforts at a national level in the protection and conservation of natural resources. The knowledge of Costa Rica’s natural wealth and biodiversity has spread worldwide resulting in international recognition of the countries exquisiteness. This is of great importance to the tourist industry, because we believe that ecotourism is an instrument for economic development, enabling us to achieve progress in poverty stricken areas by means distributing the local economies evenly and group participation, and the spread of knowledge to the people.

In (2005) the administration team carried out a study to find out how much disturbance the environment can undertake from human interference. The results of this study has formed the framework of Brisas de la Jungla, a biologically aware organisation that takes care of the natural resources that we have as our main attraction, for example, we recycle.
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