Sendero La Jungla (The Jungle Trail)

La Jungla Trail offers a 1 km trek through a secondary forest offering beautiful landscapes, various flora and fauna, and including many opportunities to see the remarkably fascinating different frog species of Costa Rica, for example the red dart frog (dendrobates pumillo).

Inside the trail, among the abundant fauna visitors may witness the 3 toed sloths and see the different species of birds: Toucans, Oropendola, Tanagers, Hummingbirds, kiskidees and much more, squirrels, and the majestic butterflies that swarm through the trail.

The creeks which appear during the trail, add a crisp freshness to the air, yet more importantly enable the reproduction of many of the organisms living there. For example these creeks create the perfect atmosphere for the various types of frogs you will encounter, allowing the perfect place for egg laying.

You will witness the beautiful flora, such as the epífites, orchids and bromeliads as well as other ground level plants with various sized leaves appearing in their plenty. The different species of trees ranging from young to old, small to large, serve as homes to many of the creatures being large mammals to tiny insects. These trees as you will witness are also adorned by the lianas that hang from the branches.

Come and discover the jungle

Horse Backriding

Brisas de la Jungla know that some people are horse lovers for sure, and what better way to enjoy a good horse back ride, than through El Suspiro: A 2.4 km trail weaving through rich plant life, cool shade spots and the tranquil silence which surrounds it all. A wonderful way to experience the beauty of nature.

Zip Line Tour

If you want an adrenaline rush then this is the tour for you! Glide through the treetops with this exhilarating adventure: 11 cables and 12 platforms stretched across the length of the rain forest. The longest cable is 270m long and you will experience heights up to 80m. Here you can enjoy the gripping thrill of the wind in your face as you soar through the rain forest witnessing some of the most spectacular views.

The platforms are arranged at different heights and levels of excitement. Up to platform 5, all cables are of similar length, however after this platform, the cables become even more thrilling. Here those people who would like to give up and return to the lodge may do so. This opportunity is also offered at platform 7. For those of you who enjoy the thrill, its go, go, go, all the way to platform 12.

All our tour guides are expertly trained in first aid, and carry special packs to assist them in the event of an emergency to administer the required attention.

The Zip line tour begins with an orientation chat where the rules and regulations for safety and security are explained thoroughly. The orientation chat is very important and it is imperative that all advice is adhered to throughout the tour.

Bring your friends and family along to enjoy the experience with you, remember it is always better to live the experience than to hear a friend recount the excitement.

Zip down the zip lines in Brisas de la Jungla

Heliconia Garden

The Heliconia Garden has a size of one hectare offering small pleasant trail where you can relax and enjoy the tropical plants of Costa Rica.

The beautiful colours which illuminate the gardens attract the splendid hummingbirds. These amazing birds dart about from flower to flower collecting the sweet nectar.

The tour guide will explain in detail about each of the flowers in the garden, their names, how they reproduce, animals and insects that feed off them and any respective questions you may have.

See the different banana tree species and learn which are edible and which aren’t. These trees appear in both the gardens and the rain forest pleasing guests with their beauty. We also have many other fruit bearing trees.

From our garden you will also be able to enjoy the panoramic view of the Talamanca Mountain Range, and watch as the River Blanco caresses the foothills with its waters.

The Heliconia Gardens:
come & enjoy its wonderful world of colors

Right of Entrance

To visit the Heliconia Garden and/or the Rancho Mirador visitors will have to pay the right of entrance, where you can spend as much time as you like enjoying the views and pleasant surroundings. (Tour guide and guide books not included). All other tours have specified prices which are given here.

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